Policy Review

sales_policy Our Policy Review process is the easiest one available for both you and your clients.  We'll help you generate new sales! Our program reviews your client's life insurance at no cost or obligation. And it's a WIN/WIN end result for YOU! With the hundreds of cases we have reviewed, over 50% of them resulted in a recommendation that improved the client's life insurance portfolio. 

Here's How It Works:
1. You get a signed Authorization form from your client. (see attached)
2. You fax or scan the Authorization form to us.
3. We contact the existing insurance carriers and request in force information &
4. We send a confirmation email to you.
5. We follow up with insurance carriers on a regular basis to obtain information.
6. We receive all in force information & illustrations and send an email confirmation
to you.
7. We do a Complete Policy Review.
8. We phone you to discuss the details of your clients' Policy Review.
9. We provide you with a Complete Policy Review package to present to your client
10. In the event of a recommendation for replacement, we will provide you with new
illustrations and applications to present to your client.

Why Do Policy Reviews?

  • 70% of people who purchase life insurance never hear from their agent again. 
  • 60% of people who own life insurance have no idea how it works. 
  • 50% or more of policies reviewed require changes for a myriad of reasons. 
  • ONLY 10% of people owning life insurance have it reviewed on a regular basis. 

You should call us today at (800) 846-3997 and we'll tell you how you can start. Below are additional materials for your use.

Life Insurance Review - Power Point presentation.

Policy Fact Finder - form to gather current policy information.

Authorization Letter - Letter which authorizes the release of information on the current inforce policy.


Complete Policy Review - Once Rocky Mountain Insurance Network reviews the policy, this is what you can expect to receive from us on your clients'.

The 10 Most Common Life Insurance Mistakes - And how to avoid them, by Stephan R. Leimberg.


Sample Client Letters - Letters you can use to start the life insurance review process.