Aaron Putman

The Team at RMIN makes my life easy! They have always been responsive and detail oriented to my requests. I can’t think of an organization that does what they do better!Mitch MichenerOne stop HELP - best back office around!Tom Stich

Lincoln Soule

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network is a network of caring professionals that has enhanced my ability to do what I do. Their team works well and promptly getting me the quotes I need, following up on the details, notifying me of any issues with my business, and getting business issued and paid quickly. They are also on top of the changes in the market-place and provide me with sales ideas and product uses on a regular basis. I am very glad to have met this team and have enjoyed working with them for over 20 years.

Rob Harris

I’ve been happily working with Rocky Mountain Insurance Network for a handful of years now. Being able to plug into their professional experience in the insurance world has been invaluable for me to be able to focus more of my time and attention on my clients’ needs, further skill development in the investment world and proactive marketing efforts for my company. Every person I’ve had the pleasure of working with at RMIN has been friendly and helpful. Most importantly, my clients have been very happy with the insurance solutions we are able to bring to them. Thanks RMIN!!

Mitch Wyzgowski

RMIN has always done a great job for me. From the proposals to the following up after the case has been submitted. The whole staff very professional and knowledgeable in there particular areas of expertise. They have always done what they have said.

Joni Reents

I sell life insurance and disability income insurance only occasionally. RMIN’s expertise in these products saves me time while providing me with the assurance that I am presenting the right product to my client. They are always quick to respond with rates, answers to underwriting questions, and sending materials as well as getting my applications issued in a timely manner. Their partnership with my agency is invaluable and allows me to focus on my area of expertise. 

Sal Costa

RMIN is invaluable to me. With health insurance sales being 95% of my business, several clients request life insurance quotes, and I need to have the best guide me in this area. From supplying quotes in a timely manner to coaching for the sale and always being there for post filing requirements, is what keeps me coming back to RMIN. The RMIN team is courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable about the right product for the right situation.

Troy Lennox

As a Branch Manager of a Major Wire house, it was very important when our partners decided to go independent to find a reliable insurance carrier who could facilitate our business in a professional manor. RMIN has been that outstanding business partner who is always extremely responsive and goes the extra mile to help serve our clients insurance needs. We can’t recommend them enough.

Keith Sprincz

I have worked with Terry Wasley and Rocky Mountain Insurance Network for well over 25 years. Their service is extremely consistent, and they are always helpful with my prospects and clients. They are second to none in providing everything I need for my cases. Kristy returns my proposals faster than anyone and is excellent in submission, follow-up and final delivery of cases. I highly recommend them for your next case.

Fred Bender

I am in the life insurance, long term care and annuity business and if you need a general agency capable of handling your needs in these areas, I recommend them VERY HIGHLY. The staff is first rate and always keeps me updated on my pending cases. Their selection of top rated companies coupled with premium and annuity rate changes is very helpful to me as I manage my business. I have known most of them for many years and find their creativity and integrity outstanding.

Gary Glass

I have worked with RMIN for over 20 years. Originally in the life business, I started Rocky Mountain Benefits 25 years ago, specializing in healthcare and benefits. Nevertheless, we still have requests to write two or three life cases a year. Acknowledging my expertise in this area is not current, I have confidence that Rocky Mountain Insurance Network will steer me to the correct solutions, plans, and insurers to fill the needs of our clients. We have the utmost faith in their knowledge, assistance, and service.

Larry Armstrong

Survival as an insurance agent has never been assured; success is very difficult. Support from agencies like RMIN is critical to survive and succeed. Survival of an agency like RMIN has to be more difficult than succeeding as an agent. Not true? Then where are all the others? I can count the agencies like you on one hand. In fact, I could amputate a couple fingers and still count on one hand.

Thank you for being there, doing what you do, how you do it, the when and the why.


Margie Rose

I have had the pleasure of working with Rocky Mountain Insurance Network since 2005. They have consistently been very responsive and extremely helpful with putting together plans and quotes. Their staff is always friendly and willing to take extra time to explain products and forms. Although I've been introduced to many other firms, the competence, creativity and follow through at RMIN has been unmatched. They are a vital resource to my business and have my total confidence and trust.

J. Leland “Lee Davis

I’ve used Rocky Mountain Insurance Network for over twenty-five years because of their unique combination of advanced sales assistance, tremendous service, and their care and concern for me as a producer. When you add that together with a remarkably competitive commission structure, RMIN is the best.

Jack McCarthy

I have had nothing but excellent service from Rocky Mountain Insurance Network. Roxzanne Summons is our New Business Case Manager and the professionalism & knowledge we receive from her surpasses any other service we have received from any General Agency we have been contacted through. Kristy Henkels, Rocky Mountain’s Service Center Director always has answers for our questions regarding future clients. We know if there is a client who may have a DUI or a large medical history Kristy will respond to all of our questions in a timely manner. That is very important for us since we are constantly trying to provide our clients with quick quotes or responses to their questions or concerns. Rocky Mountain Insurance Network’s website, http://www.rmin-insurance.com/ is extremely helpful. We can access carrier forms & quotes quickly via the easy to use website. We truly love the act that the company’s President & CEO, Terry J. Wasley is available to us for any questions or concerns we may have. I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Insurance Network.

Eric Tussey

I have worked with RMIN since 1997. They have always provided great service and expertise. I love the fact that they still answer the phone directly. They are my “go to” GA whenever I need help with individual life cases involving underwriting situations. They have had the same core staff of experts for years. I highly recommend them.

Phil Bullard

I have had the pleasure of working with RMIN the past 7 years when I started my practice. The team at RMIN support my client needs in life, LTC, and Disability coverage. They have helped me become a better, smarter, advisor for my clients in plan design and company placement for their underwriting needs.

Donna Burrill

I have been in business since 1985 and from the get-go I relied on referrals for everything. Early on a referral to Terry's agency was perfect. Rocky Mt. has the expertise, access and caring about my client solutions to help however needed.

Pam Levene

Working with the professionals at Rocky Mountain Insurance Network has been not only pleasurable, but has also helped me grow my practice immeasurably. The team at RMIN is always available to answer questions, assist in case design, process paperwork and in general, act as my backroom technicians. Several large cases have been sold that I could directly tie back to our RMIN team and the professionalism that they have displayed. I highly endorse any producer to give the team a call with their next case and see how rewarding it is to work with Rocky Mountain Insurance Network.

Betsy McKenney

We appreciate that RMIN has the back office support for case design, processing applications, company appointments and general insurance problem solving. RMIN has been a great insurance resource for our financial planning firm.

Cecil Langston

Our experience with RMIN was very favorable. Our phone calls and emails were returned promptly. Any outstanding issues were resolved timely.

Dave Weiss

It has been because of my experience over the last 15 years or so, I have used the services of Rocky Mountain Insurance Network almost exclusively for all of my Life and Disability needs. I always get excellent service and advice as to a selection of products and scheduling physicals, help with complicated application issues and a smooth transition to issued policies. I would recommend this company to all parties looking for a full service brokerage/consulting operation. Their staff is very knowledgably and is able to perform in a timely and most professional manner.

John Bodnar

Life is crazy these days. With clients, compliance and regulators all breathing down your neck asking for more, more, more it’s difficult to make a living. I turn to Rocky Mountain Insurance Network to lighten my load. Thanks RMIN.


Bill Hofgard

I have always received prompt accurate service from RMIN. All the people I have dealt with are courteous and helpful and responsive. Their products are not always the most competitive, but they do try to fill my needs.


Jennifer Sweete

I am so grateful to have had the blessing to be introduced by a fellow insurance agent to the wonderful people at RMIN many years ago. Everyone at RMIN has welcomed me and assisted me in getting the best quotes from the most reputable carriers for all of my life insurance clients' needs. The good folks at RMIN make the time to create top of the line marketing strategies that help to educate both their agents and clients, and streamline the process of choosing excellent life policies and annuity programs. RMIN is centrally located so that no matter where I am in Colorado they're only a phone call, an email, or a short drive away. There's never a long wait to speak to the right person at RMIN that can help me get the answers I need. I can't imagine a more thorough, caring group of people to work with in this industry than the people at RMIN!


Andrew Gift

I’ve worked with RMIN for the past seven years, and they are my go to place for Life and LTC insurance. RMIN has always been very responsive and helpful, and I really enjoy working with them.

Jason Eaker

I've worked with RMIN for the past 3 years and haven't considered looking elsewhere ever. Their choice of companies to work with is extensive. Their website and quoting system is extremely easy to use. Anytime there is an issue, I'm notified quickly from the staff and they help work me through the issues. I've been extremely satisfied with working with them and will continue to send them all my business. Thanks RMIN!