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Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies provide your clients the opportunity to indirectly participate in the growth of stock market indices without assuming volatile market risk. Given recent equity market volatility, these products have gained appeal and found their way into advance planning applications.

IUL continues to effectively exploit the sweet spot between safe, low-rate permanent life insurance and riskier variable life insurance. Clients love the value proposition of a greater potential upside in stock market growth accompanied by the protection from downside risk afforded by IUL.

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network is excited to offer our advisors access to Stonewood Financial resources.

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Stonewood Financial delivers industry-leading programs that take you from “nice to meet you,” to “nice doing business with you.” With Stonewood Membership, you’ll access:

Training + Coaching | The industry’s best learning to drive sales and differentiate your practice
Prospecting + Marketing | New ways to attract leads – and increase wallet-share from existing clients
Analysis + Reports | Client report software to analyze taxes, income and wealth

Check out some of the resources available:

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