While September is officially Life Insurance Awareness Month, in reality, every month presents an opportunity to reach out to old clients and discover new opportunities in your local market.  Marketing and outreach are concepts that get thrown around quite a bit in the industry.  Some agents excel at making new connections while others may need more concrete direction in order to feel comfortable.  This month, we are gonna go over a couple of ways you can find success in your marketing campaign.

Work your existing business: the power of policy review

Some of the best revenue opportunities lay in your existing client base.  Changes to regulations that affect our business and your clients’ opportunities such as the illustration update from AG 49A and IRC Section 7702 create a compelling reason to check in on your clients’ policies.  

Reaching out via email or phone to offer a policy review has two main benefits: it shows your client that you are always looking out for their best interests and presents opportunities for your client to save money, purchase more coverage if their goals have changed, and helps keep them aware of new products and alternatives that may be applicable to their needs.

Make use of email campaigns to all of your clients regularly

In addition to offering a policy review, it is important to keep the line of communications between you and your client open throughout the month and year.  A consistent, targeted, email campaign can help you get the word out about new products and services to your book of business while maintaining your brand and presence with your clients.

Social media marketing for life insurance

Use social media software to keep your clients in the loop

Social media scheduling software has come a long way in the past several years.  Posting to socials can be a chore but going to where your client is online is still one of the best ways to connect with them.  

Lifehappens Pro is your friend

Lifehappens Pro is a suite of technologies that can help simplify your overall outreach campaign.  With the click of a button, you can coordinate social posts to reach your audience on several platforms.  Check out their free trial and give it a go.  You can find it here

Lifehappens Pro can give you:

  • Flyers, brochures, and graphics to use in your campaign
  • Videos for greater client engagement
  • Themed campaigns (such as one for LIAM) to generate awareness
  • Content collections to pull resources from
  • Social media posting and analytics to see what’s working and what’s not
  • Calculators for just about anything your client would like to see

The trial is for 15 days, and after that you can keep the outreach rolling for only $32 dollars per month. We endorse them because we use them.  It’s that simple and it will help take your marketing to a new level.

podcasts for life insurance marketing

Have you ever been on a podcast?

Consider creating a podcast that you can link to your website.  Your clients aren’t in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to know more about what’s happening in life insurance.  A monthly podcast can be a great way to keep your content fresh while discussing the job you love.  

Or be a guest on someone else’s podcast

You can also search Spotify, Itunes, and other podcast libraries for existing podcasts about life insurance.  Content creators are always looking for new people to talk to and interview.  Reaching out to the owner of the podcast with some topics that you’d like to talk about is another way to get your message across.  This has the added benefit of connecting with a pre-existing audience and could help with lead generation.

life insurance digital marketing

Use life insurance statistics: bring the receipts

Statistics can be a great way to illustrate the importance of life insurance on your website, social posts, blogs, and public appearances. Lifehappens and LIMRA are your go-to sites to find the latest studies and stats about the industry.  Showing your visitors the current trends in the market can amplify their understanding while giving you targeted content to present in all of your marketing campaigns.  

Reach out, follow up, and carry on

Ultimately, marketing outreach is something that you should prioritize if you want to grow your business.  It’s important to maintain regular contact with your client.  The marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect will take action after hearing or seeing a message 7 times.  While that may seem over the top, the implication is clear: If you aren’t reaching out and presenting clients and prospects with consistent messaging, very little will move them to take you up on the opportunities you are offering.  Make outreach a small part of your daily routine and follow up on your success.