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Agent Term Store

Our new process is as easy as ever. Get your term quotes from a broad array of top, competitive term carriers and submit a “Simple App” for your client. No more applications to complete! We will contact your client to complete the full application and schedule their exam. And, we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Drop Ticket

Our Drop Ticket allows you to submit your permanent life insurance applications on a short form for all your clients who are applying for permanent insurance.

Sales Concepts

We offer full support for a variety of Sales Concepts including Policy Review, Maximization Strategies, Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle, Estate Tax Planning and more.

Policy Review Program

Our Policy Review process is the easiest one available for both you and your clients. We’ll help you generate new sales! Our program reviews your client’s life insurance at no cost or obligation. And it’s a WIN/WIN end result for YOU! With the hundreds of cases we have reviewed, over 50% of them resulted in a recommendation that improved the client’s life insurance portfolio.


The Team at RMIN makes my life easy! They have always been responsive and detail oriented to my requests. I can’t think of an organization that does what they do better!Mitch MichenerOne stop HELP – best back office around!Tom Stich

Aaron Putman

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network is a network of caring professionals that has enhanced my ability to do what I do. Their team works well and promptly getting me the quotes I need, following up on the details, notifying me of any issues with my business, and getting business issued and paid quickly. They are also on top of the changes in the market-place and provide me with sales ideas and product uses on a regular basis. I am very glad to have met this team and have enjoyed working with them for over 20 years.

Lincoln Soule

I’ve been happily working with Rocky Mountain Insurance Network for a handful of years now. Being able to plug into their professional experience in the insurance world has been invaluable for me to be able to focus more of my time and attention on my clients’ needs, further skill development in the investment world and proactive marketing efforts for my company. Every person I’ve had the pleasure of working with at RMIN has been friendly and helpful. Most importantly, my clients have been very happy with the insurance solutions we are able to bring to them. Thanks RMIN!!

Rob Harris


IUL and Volatility

IUL and Volatility

It has never been more important to help our clients protect what they have from the volatility in the market. According to a new study from Allianz Life, more than half of Americans say the pandemic has had a negative effect on their retirement savings and nearly the same number say they don’t think the markets have seen their lows yet. 72% say that they are reevaluating their savings plan and thinking about how to protect what they have from market volatility. 

This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your clients about hedging their retirement savings with an Index Universal Life policy. Insurance companies have figured out a better mouse trap and we owe it to our clients to discuss it with them. If 72% of our clients are looking to hedge their market risk, we already have the solution and we can help them with that. The IUL story has always been upside market potential with downside protection.

The introduction to multipliers a few years ago threatened to destroy that story with asset based fees and other hidden “Black Box” charges associated with their bonus multipliers in an effort to win an illustration war. AG-49a has put an end to those games and we now have a level playing field once again, that is in the best interest of the client. We can once again confidently discuss the benefits of Index UL with our clients. 

Finally, there is no better asset class then a cash value life insurance policy when it comes to the tax advantages. A common objection we always hear is the underlying cost of insurance inherent in all of these contracts. A little known change in the IRS definition of life insurance, IRC sec. 7702, will make the cost of that insurance lower than ever. At Rocky Mountain Insurance Network, our motto has always been “The cost of insurance is significantly less than the cost of taxation.” Call us today so we can show you how we are helping our agents and advisors use IUL to hedge against market volatility and provide tax advantaged savings for their clients.


John Hancock’s Vitality Program

John Hancock’s Vitality Program

Explore the benefits of Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS – each designed to support a healthy and financially fit life.


Your clients can earn rewards for taking positive steps in a healthy direction, plus save money on their life insurance coverage.  


There are 2 Programs to choose from:

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Non-medical underwriting on a budget

Non-medical underwriting on a budget

Not all potential clients want to go through the hassle of the medical underwriting process for their life insurance policy.

Imagine your client getting valuable life insurance protection, with all of the benefits provided in a cash accumulation IUL, issued in as little as 5 business days with no labs, exams, or APS!

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The Truth about Bonuses and Multipliers

The Truth about Bonuses and Multipliers

When clients – even agents and financial professionals – see or think about a “guaranteed multiplier” in regards to Indexed Universal Life (IUL), many believe this feature is guaranteeing a positive index credit.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. And this all-too-common misconception could cost your clients heartache and money in the long term.

So what does it mean and what should you do?

Before your next appointment, download the whitepaper “Understanding bonuses and multipliers” so you can be the one to help your clients navigate this tricky terminology and allow them to make more informed decisions!