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RMIN’s Client Reach Program

RMIN created a new Client Reach Program to help YOU build your clientele. We have partnered with proven organizations to provide you with the tools you need to generate more leads this year!


97% of the consumers today are using the Web for local business information. How easily can prospects find you? WiserAdvisor’s helps Advisors establish a stronger presence across digital media. This not only generates new investor leads for you, but also helps boost your credibility when prospects are researching your firm online. Special Offer – 10% Membership Discount if you sign up under RMIN.

Volume & Close Expectations: An advisor might get 25-40 referrals per year with a 10-15% conversion to client ratio – depending on the metro area they reside, which filters they use within the system & their individual ability to close.

For more questions contact at (703) 651-2146 and tell him RMIN sent you!

Pro2Pro Network

The largest professional network in North America gives you the opportunity to establish referral relationships with CPAs and Attorneys in your city.

What are the benefits of having a referral-based practice?

• You eliminate the price comparison

• You become the trusted expert in your area and the sale happens faster and easier

• You dramatically increase your closing ration (95%-100% close)

• You don’t have to earn their trust – it comes with the referral!

• You’ll only receive the type of clients you want (mid to high net worth)

Go to and tell them RMIN sent you. If you use RMIN for your insurance business we’ll credit you back 10% of your Pro2Pro costs.

We subscribe to LifeHealthPro and Life Insurance Selling which provide ongoing ideas on the best ways to grow your business. We’ll continue to share these tips with you through emails and on our web site to help you generate new leads.

• LifeHealthPro – is the vital online destination for life & health insurance advisors, designed to provide them with the essential elements they need to run their practice and increase their bottom line including breaking news, market trends, practice tips and more.

o The Lead – Proven sales and marketing tips to help insurance and financial sales professionals generate leads, close on referrals, and increase their bottom line.

Call us today at (800) 846-3997 and we’ll answer any questions.