Whether you agree with it or not, it’s our new reality and it’s not likely to change anytime soon. 11% of US adults say they have used marijuana in the last month and 48% of them have admitted to using it at least once in their lives. These aren’t just millennials either. These adults are fathers, mothers, grandparents and business owners and have no less need for the protection that life insurance provides then the non-user.

Historically it’s been difficult to find coverage for anyone who admits to drug use including marijuana. While it’s still a challenge finding coverage for the employee or owner of someone in the marijuana industry, insurance carriers have become more relaxed about the users of marijuana.

Depending on age, usage and whether or not THC is found in the lab results, we may be able to help clients get a preferred best, non-tobacco offer today. Download the file below to a list of some of the carrier’s requirements. For better or worse, Colorado led the pack in legalizing marijuana and at Rocky Mountain Insurance Network, we are here to help our advisors find the best possible coverage available for all of your clients.