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Rocky Mountain’s DIY Marketing Material is intended to help you better communicate advanced topics with your clients. 

Using the Articles:

The articles are the building block of a newsletter, short-form article, or blog post.  Simply copy the text and use it as you see fit.  For example, you could email the article to your clients or add it as a blog on your business website.

Using the Email Template:

The email templates are designed to help you start your communication with your client on the article topic.  Edit as you see fit!

Using the Images:

The images were created to grab attention.  Feel free to download them and use them in your communications.

Using the Social Posts:

The social posts were designed to compliment the articles.  Use them on your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts.  For LinkedIn, simply sign into your linked in account and look for the “Start a Post” bar at the top.  Then you can easily copy and paste the social post into the window and your done!