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Our new process is as easy as ever. Get your term quotes from a broad array of top, competitive term carriers and submit a “Simple App” for your client. No more applications to complete! We will contact your client to complete the full application and schedule their exam. And, we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process.

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Our Drop Ticket allows you to submit your permanent life insurance applications on a short form for all your clients who are applying for permanent insurance.

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We offer full support for a variety of Sales Concepts including Policy Review, Maximization Strategies, Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle, Estate Tax Planning and more.

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Our Policy Review process is the easiest one available for both you and your clients. We’ll help you generate new sales! Our program reviews your client’s life insurance at no cost or obligation. And it’s a WIN/WIN end result for YOU! With the hundreds of cases we have reviewed, over 50% of them resulted in a recommendation that improved the client’s life insurance portfolio.


The Team at RMIN makes my life easy! They have always been responsive and detail oriented to my requests. I can’t think of an organization that does what they do better!Mitch MichenerOne stop HELP – best back office around!Tom Stich

Aaron Putman

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network is a network of caring professionals that has enhanced my ability to do what I do. Their team works well and promptly getting me the quotes I need, following up on the details, notifying me of any issues with my business, and getting business issued and paid quickly. They are also on top of the changes in the market-place and provide me with sales ideas and product uses on a regular basis. I am very glad to have met this team and have enjoyed working with them for over 20 years.

Lincoln Soule

I’ve been happily working with Rocky Mountain Insurance Network for a handful of years now. Being able to plug into their professional experience in the insurance world has been invaluable for me to be able to focus more of my time and attention on my clients’ needs, further skill development in the investment world and proactive marketing efforts for my company. Every person I’ve had the pleasure of working with at RMIN has been friendly and helpful. Most importantly, my clients have been very happy with the insurance solutions we are able to bring to them. Thanks RMIN!!

Rob Harris


AG 49A: What to Look for and What to Avoid in Current and Future Illustrations

AG 49A: What to Look for and What to Avoid in Current and Future Illustrations

In the past 5 years, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has stepped into the world of Indexed Universal Life Insurance with the goal of regulating the wild illustrative disparities between competing products.  In 2015, regulators introduced Actuarial Guideline 49 (AG 49) in an effort to reign in illustrations where interest credited was concerned in order to level the playing field and provide the consumer with a more accurate picture of how the IUL policies could be expected to perform.  In an effort to stay compliant with AG 49 but still make their products appear more robust than their competitors, carriers found new ways to ‘juice’ their illustrations by introducing bonus multipliers thereby boosting the performance of their illustrations.  This essentially allowed carriers to abide by AG 49 where the maximum growth rate was set while also adding the bonus multiplier on top of that rate in their illustrations.  This is to say that while the intention of AG 49 was pure, the result of its implementation created more or less the same problem regarding illustrations that could be tweaked to appear more valuable than the consumer could reasonably expect.  Yet again, the playing field was uneven, and comparing one carrier’s illustration to another was not consistent.  

Back to the Drawing Board: Enter AG 49-A on November 25th, 2020

Since bonus multipliers were relatively new at the time the original AG 49 rolled out, they were not included in the regulation.  Carriers took advantage of this omission to continue to add perceived value to their illustrations, touting the potential while ignoring some of the negative aspects such as charges and fees associated with some bonus multipliers.  The NAIC met again to amend the original AG 49 to include these new tools and attempt once again to simplify the illustration component and infuse a degree of transparency to the process. The revised regulation, AG 49-A was agreed upon and is set to activate on November 25th, 2020.  

AG 49-A does Not Eliminate Multipliers but Removes them from Illustrations

With the new regulation, carriers will no longer be able to illustrate the potential impacts of bonus multipliers in their illustrations, effectively lowering the growth rate on these illustrations.  AG 49-A does not prohibit these tools from the policy.  Additionally, the loan crediting rate was lowered from 1% to 0.5%.  

What Does AG 49-A mean for Agents?

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network wants to help agents stay on top of these dramatic changes to product illustrations.  A few companies have made product and/or illustrative changes to be compliant with AG49A. However, the illustrations do not have to be compliant until November 25, 2020. The problem that poses is if you are working on a case and comparing company A to B to C, you’re comparing apples to oranges. For example, John Hancock has changed their illustration process to be compliant already while we are told PAC will not have their compliant illustrations until November 25. So if you are comparing PAC to Hancock, the comparison is invalid as PAC is still illustrating all the multiplier scenarios that were the driving force behind the revision of AG49 and indeed the Pac lawsuit in California. We are keeping track of those companies that have made their illustration systems compliant and those that have not. If you are working on an IUL case, call us and we will be happy to share our updated information with you.

The Future of Product Illustrations

The original AG 49 produced change and innovation in the marketplace as carriers sought to find new avenues to increase the performance of their product illustrations.  It is likely that the new amendment limiting the illustration of those innovations will necessitate more change.  Rocky Mountain Insurance Network prides itself on keeping agents up to date and informed so that they can continue to sell ethically and with confidence.  Once every company has come into compliance with AG 49-A, the illustration landscape will likely settle down.  How long that lasts is anyone’s guess.  Rocky Mountain Insurance Network is committed to helping you navigate these complicated changes to our industry every step of the way.


Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle

Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle

The cost of insurance is significantly less than the cost of taxation

Most people understand the benefits of diversifying investments among asset classes to help manage the risk and return of a retirement plan. But diversification can also be used to help manage the tax treatment of retirement assets – resulting in the potential for higher net income during retirement years

Using an index universal life insurance policy designed to maximize your client’s tax-advantaged accumulation while providing life insurance benefits to their loved ones, is an option you should be offering. 

3 Reasons to Consider the Chronic Illness Rider

3 Reasons to Consider the Chronic Illness Rider

Max Accum+ has 3 innovative features that create one notable competitive edge:

  • Chronic Illness Rider (AAS)
  • Non-medical underwriting (up to $499K),
  • An increasing death benefit option, which when combined with non-med and AAS allow for an increasing face amount and chronic illness benefit overtime.

Check out the product features here.

Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle

Life Insurance as an Accumulation Vehicle

When working with your clients, an important part of their overall financial planning is understanding the comparison of life insurance to alternative investment possibilities.