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New, Proprietary IUL Product from Zurich!

Introducing a new, proprietary IUL product offered by Zurich to Rocky Mountain Insurance Network’s agents and advisors. The US Triple Index strategy is now available only to our advisors and those associated with other member firms of our national affiliate. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight lookback, this option, often referred to a Rainbow Option, is a highly effective strategy to help hedge against volatility in the market. It includes three US indices with the benefit of a look-back, automatically allocating to the best two performing indices.
US Equity Triple Index Interest Account

  • S&P 500® Composite Stock Index: 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies
  • NASDAQ-100 INDEX®: 100 largest most actively traded U.S. non-financial companies listed on Nasdaq stock exchange
  • Russell 2000 Stock Index®: 2,000 small cap companies

Couple this strategy with an efficient product on a low cost chassis, and you get a terrific option for an accumulation IUL to present to your clients.
The automatic allocation includes an overweighting to the best performing index for that period. Each policy year, they’ll calculate the growth of each of the three indices. The top performer gets 70% of the weighting, the second best gets 30%, and the worst gets 0%. Then Zurich will apply the growth cap and the guaranteed bonus to interest credited in the prior year. You know optimizing performance means choosing the best index. Historically, there hasn’t been one clear and consistent winner. With overweighting, no matter who comes in first, the best performer gets most of the crediting. Your client gets to choose the winner of the race after the horse crosses the finish line!